About Harlow Serves

Harlow Serves is a partnership between the Harlow Neighbors, area churches, local business leaders and individuals who want to invest in ourcommunity and care deeply about those around us.  We envision Harlow Serves as a catalyst empowering our neighborhood to serve one another, and work together in new ways. 

Our first Initiative was a community work day at Bertha Holt Elementary.  August 27th, 2011, approximately 90 volunteers from our community came together to pull a thistle infestation from the playground that was threatening to ruin a safe play environment.  Volunteers also spread a fresh bed of playground chips around the play equipment for safety, and edged, weeded and spread about 30 yards of bark on the fitness track!

Harlow Serves, is planning upcoming events, however, We would love to hear your thoughts on ways to serve our community.  If you know of a need or have an idea to engage our neighbors, please let us know using the contact form to the right!